I am a retired NYPD Detective Sergeant (SDS) and am now a licensed private investigator in New York City. An investigation I was working in New York led me to South Carolina. The investigation was sensitive and complicated and I needed the expertise of a true professional who had both integrity and talent. A law enforcement official in New York recommended his former co-worker whom he described as “just exactly what you need on this.” That recommendation of Anthony Vaughn not only led to a very successful conclusion to my case, but also developed a terrific professional relationship as well as personal friendship. Thank you, again, Anthony, for your tremendous expertise and your top notch professionalism.

Kenny O’Keefe

Vaughn PI is a very reasonable and credible business. He has communicated with me directly and was willing to work with what I had, and I couldn’t be happier with his services. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a private investigator! He is very prompt and honest and his customer service is above and beyond. Thank you, Vaughn PI!


My dealing with Vaughn Private Investigators has been straight forward no nonsense and direct I would recommend their services to anyone who is trying to locate a missing person in their lives.


A few years ago I applied for insurance in the event that I lost my job. The payments were charged directly to my credit card. As things would have it – I lost my job. I immediately called the company to activate the coverage. I thought that would ease my troubles somewhat. Later I found out that none of my bills were being paid. Now I am really in debt. What happened to all the money I’ve been paying for this coverage. I contacted a few places/agencies and basically got the run around. I figured I’d give it one more try. I found Mr. Vaughn and Vaughn Private Investigations. He tracked the original company and helped me get all the needed information to get my situation straightened out. Thanks for everything Vaughn Investigations.