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We offer a number of services in the Orangeburg area, surveillance, missing persons search, background checks, and process service. For whatever reason that you may need a private investigator.In surveillance we will be able to help you both discretely and confidentially, at a reasonable rate. The reasons may be for infidelity or child  custody that surveillance is required. We will give you quick and accurate information that will help you resolve your situation. A missing person search may be needed to find family members,  or one’s. The need may be to find a parent who owes child support, or other types of debts. Background checks can be used for a number of reasons. The most common reason is for employment, to check to see if the potential employee has a criminal record. Before entering into a business relationship you may want to check on the person’s past. Checks can be done on past businesses that this person or persons have been involved in. If bankruptcy or other pass business failures have occurred these things can be revealed. Before entering into a new personal relationship, you may want to know more about this person. With the background a check you can see if this person is married, has any children, are they paying child support, and most important a criminal background check this could be very necessary if you have children. Process services is done in your area for any legal document. After services are provided an affidavit will be mailed to prove service.


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Background Check Investigation

Background Check Specialist

The necessity of a professional private investigator in a background check is paramount. In order to find information that is not readily available. The information once obtained must be reviewed for accuracy. After these steps are taken the information can be passed on to the client

Background check

There are a number of reasons for running a background check, or having someone’s background investigated. The most common reason is employment. The first check to be run is the person’s employment history. An employer will want a criminal background check as well. Any other checks will have to do with the type of employment being offered.

 criminal background check

Before entering into a business relationship with a new partner, very often a background check is conducted. A client will want to know the history of all companies controlled by the subject of this investigation. The client will want to know about failures and successes. They may want to check the basic financial state of there new prospective business partner. A check can be made to see if they have ever filed for bankruptcy, or have unpaid taxes. A very good criminal background check must always be part of this investigation.

Financial background check


People may want a background check investigation of someone that they have a personal relationship with. A background check will tell a client if the subject of the investigation is married, or has been married and how many times. If the subject has any children, is there child support being paid? A limited financial research of the subject can also be done. A credit check can not be done without the permission of the subject. What can be done is a check for bankruptcy, or any business the subject owned or was connected with. If the subject owes money to taxes is something that can be found. A criminal background check may be very important part of a background check to see what type of character the person is. This is most important with clients who have children.

A background check done by a professional investigator will get the information on the subject that is both complete and accurate.

WE are your background check specialist call today



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Missing Person Investigator 803 347-4016

orangeburg missing preson investigationYour Investigator for Missing Persons

You’ve found the private investigator that can solve your problem I can efficiently obtain the information you want and need. I will do everything possible to keep the investigation discreet and confidential.

If your are in need of finding someone I can help an am passionate in helping you to find people in your lives that need to be found.


As a Professional private investigator

I can find people with surprisingly little information.  On the internet you will run into a number of scams.  Online sites that claim to help you find missing persons for a fee.

They claim to have access to a number of data bases.  These data bases are suppose to get addresses,  and phone numbers of the missing person.  Most of the data is an address of a person that has a similar name,  or it is an old address, or information that is just wrong.

As a license private investigator

I have access to the best data bases available.  Once information is gathered from various  data bases.  I have steps in which I analyze all data.  The information is checked to see if it is up to date, and of the person we seek.  This is done by comparing one source to another,  making phone calls, and having interviews.  These and other steps will get the best results.  Something that is only done by a private investigator.

Being a experience investigator who specialize in missing person searches.

I have dealt with clients who were looking for people for all kinds of reasons. People may need to be found to be a witness in a case criminal or other, defendant in a law suite, dead beat parents, tenants who have skipped on there rent, and sometimes even the homeless, or children.

Missing persons who fit in this category are generally much more difficult to find by any private investigator. Starting with children who have been taken from one parent by another. Young children because of there age, have no records of any kind in there name not even school records. We will have to locate them by the adult that they are with. A investigator looking for a witness, dead beat parent, or a tenant who have skip. Knows that for the most part these people do not want to be found. It is hard for an adult not to have anything in there name, even if they trying not to. A experience investigator will know this, and how to look for clues to there location.

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